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Mikrotik Internet Billing System

Updated 2 weeks and 2 days ago.

Are you an internet service provider with a problem of managing to bill your clients? Well, Mikrotik hotspot management system is the perfect solution. The system provides Internet Service Providers with a solution to billing and managing prepaid clients.

Through customized hotspot and point to point protocol over the Ethernet (PPPoE), you can manage your clients through features such as; creation of multiple user accounts, assigning specific service plans to different users, automatic activation on subscription payments, texting customers on an approaching expiry dates, automatic deactivation of service plans when a subscription is expired.

How Does it Work?

The system is used by the internet provider and the end-user that is the customers. For those who have direct links to bigger providers, installation of the system is on the virtual private server. For those who haven’t, the installation will be on your private computer.


When setting up, you will be able to create different user accounts and manage their access, configure all allowed devices, assign customers service plans that entail the period of subscription and speeds while putting up necessary network settings.


The system also helps you monitor and filter full account data with the ability to export the information to excel files and other formats. You can view your revenue reports like the payment history of a client. You are also able to classify your customers as per the packages they subscribed. You can also monitor the devices registered.

The system allows you to extend services by days. It allows you to give a free trial period or offer rewards to users free of charge.

Client Management

The system allows registration of different kinds of customers. Whether individuals or organisations, the systems dynamic access control gives you the authority to define their specific access credentials. All the information is stored in their accounts and can be changed or exported for printing.


The system has a payment menu on which you can monitor client bills and payments, to automatically activate and deactivate a service. The payment option for our system is M-pesa

Other Mikrotik Billing Systems Advantages

The system further allows internet service providers to communicate with clients through text messages. You can message clients, receive inquiries, feedback and complaints.

You can also place banners of your preference on the admin panel. It can be your logo or some kind of advertising of discounts and offers.

Managing large numbers of customers is not an easy task for an internet provider. You have to manually check expiry dates and deactivate services or manually confirm payments and activate service. Contact us to have experts work on your customized system and run your business more efficiently.