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Agile Software Development

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The word agile has been attached to everything. You may have to have been on the moon to have not heard it. From agile sales to agile testing and agile methodology, the word is labelled everywhere. So what does it mean? And why is it essential for a client to seek software development services from a firm that uses the agile methodology?

What is Agile Methodology?

Imagine the endeavour of building a home or developing a property. The owner would not sit and wait for the final product, right? The owner would be on the ground to explain what their desires are. The construction is done in phases by experts following a scheduled plan within given resources. The owner is actively involved in all these phases to make decisions where the need arises.

The agile methodology uses the same principles. In software development, it demands a collaborative environment between the consumer and the team of creators and developers running on the scheme. The intent is to assure that the customer needs are met with precision. It depends on continuous conversations within the unit and the product user. The methodology takes the idea that what the clients come with is an idea and not the whole concept. The concept is developed through consultation and stage development, where everything is analyzed before heading to the next stage. We at The Tech Glitch take this approach because it ends in software that aids the consumer's demands in a brief period.

Principles of Agile Methodology

The agile software development approach takes the following principles.

1. Individual and Interactions over Process and Tools

Tools and process are important in software development. More vital though is the developers and a good working environment. Getting the right people and assisting them to collaborate effectively is what will enable a good utilisation of tools and processes to generate the desired outcome. Software developers in Nairobi have considered this and prioritised the people and interactions

2. Customer Collaboration over Contract Negotiation

By working jointly with developers a client gets the desired outcome as compared to giving specifications at the inception. A client ensures that her requirements are met on each stage.

3. Working Software over Comprehensive Documentation

In conventional software development takes, the attention was on documentation of designs, specifications and requirements before embarking on the project. Agile methods take the approach that getting the job fulfilled is more important than preparing the project documentation.

Responding to Change over Following a Plan

A strategy is very essential to any project. Agile methodologies promote the use of flexible plans. Software development faces alot of changes, and this should be observed in the plan.

Agile Phases

Agile methodology is divided into stages that are;
  1. Design
  2. Coding
  3. Testing
  4. Release
  5. Analysis

Importance of Agile Methodology

These are the perks of using agile software development:

  1. Assures Quality.By splitting the job into phases, the unit acting on it can put attention into developing and examining each step of the project. Repairing bugs and issues in the process ensures that the product has met customer specifications.
  2. Transparency.Agile software development allows the consumer to be involved in the creation. The reality that the buyer is a witness in the work in progress, ensure that they are in the know of what is happening, when it is happening, and why it essential.
  3. Concentrates on the Consumer.For a software developer using the agile methodology, the work cannot begin until they hear your story. They listen and study your business to ascertain what the most distinctive features are to be to give the best software. It is important, especially if you are in an everchanging market.
  4. It is Change Oriented. Improvement and reprioritization is core to agile software development. Where there is a necessity for improving, the team will go back and do the diligence. It allows for practical and useful work to be done.
  5. Predictable Cost and Delivery.The scheduling of stages that are time-limited ensure that there is a time frame in which development should be finished. With each stage too, the consumer can estimate the cost of the next phase and help them manage the process effectively.
  6. The Tech Glitch has fostered the agile methodology to ensure cost-effective and timely delivery of customers needs.

    Take caution though as agile methodologies are not suitable for all projects. Agile only works in situations where the level of interaction between developers and clients are very high. It also requires high skill and expertise. They give the best results when all those requirements are met. Further agile is best befitted for projects with a tight schedule and deadline. Be sure to look at your needs and analyse them carefully when you decide to choose a software development company in Nairobi.