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Best Software Companies in Kenya

Updated 3 days ago.

There, has been, and there still is, a rapid technological advancement. Kenya, being one of the hotspots for information technology, has seen a rise in the demand for companies that can offer both market and household software services. The need for service prompted the growth of the software development market leading to thousands of software companies popping up. The boom in the industry has left consumers with the task of getting the best software development company with which to partner.

Services they Provide

Globalization has kept businesses on attention when it comes to technology. Companies are required to switch to agile methods of running business or risk redundancy. In the present saturation of applications, programmes and websites, the most excellent way to retain consumers is by offering an unbelievable customer experience.

Software development agencies in Kenya know the need and provide quality services to tame it. They give current answers that are certain to rank your company great in the market. At very fair prices and diligent focus, these Nairobi software development companies give the most excellent services.

The Tech Glitch- Mikrotik Billing System Experts.

The Tech Glitch is at the height of its game. The firm has a record of numerous well-executed projects varying from websites to applications and SEO management for businesses in Kenya and others beyond Africa. What makes it stand out though is its expertise in the Mikrotik billing system. The company has an incredibly well-trained staff that can develop and set up a customized auto-billing system. The system uses Mpesa as a payment method and is most suited for internet providers. The systems automation capability has improved customer satisfaction for the companies that have tried it out. Contact The Tech Glitch for all your tweaked software necessities. The small size and use of teams ensure that your project gets the maximum attention and energy it requires. They charge reasonably.


Symphony has made a name for themselves in the game. Their team of excellent skill has been known to work towards solutions for companies. They are well known for their prowess in web development and have done some good projects over the years within the East Africa community.

Impax Business Solutions Ltd

Impax is a change that provides innovative answers in the country. It is one of the most asked after software development company with a specialist team of developers. They offer assistance in the line of bookkeeping, consultancy, business computerization and manageable systems. They aim at resolving problems and enhancing business achievement.

Oracom(k) Web Solutions- Best Web

Oracom is another great software development agency in Kenya. They have expertise in developing and hosting websites. They have a history of carrying out projects for small-medium enterprises. They have a speciality in the creation of e-commerce sites and do it at an inexpensive price.

All these firms are up to the task, but it is good to go through there websites and engage them to know which fits your needs. Be sure to choose a software development company that understands your business.