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How to check your seo ranking

By Fabian Muema. Updated 2 weeks and 6 days ago.

First of all, we need to check the website in google webmaster. Google webmaster is a free tool for analyzing your website’s data and helps you measure your site’s Search traffic and performance, fix issues, and make your site shine in Google Search results.

Here are some important points you should check for your website’s SEO.

  • Find out the domain authority.
  • Determine the site load time.
  • Check for a sitemap.
  • Check the robots. txt.
  • Check for meta content.
  • Check for H-tags.
  • Check for onsite content.
  • Check Duplication
  • Check Pannelity
  • Check Website Traffic on search engine
  • Find Zombie pages
  • Find broken links
  • Check Alt tag for Images
  • Check AMP Pages
  • Check Schema Tag
  • Check Social Engagement
  • Check Backlinks
  • Check Mobile Friendliness
  • Check Spam Score
  • Check Website Audience
  • Test keywords

There are plenty of tools that are available to check website SEO score. Some of these tools include:

  1. Website Review Tool & SEO Checker
  2. SEO Audit & Reporting Tool
  3. Check Your Website’s SEO: Free Analysis Tool & Audit Report
  4. SEO Tools, Software and Articles
  5. Free SEO Audit Tool

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